What if I’m not the same person?

So you’ve decided to sell your home, that’s great! You work with an agent and get your home on the market and in no time you have an offer on your home. Once your agent takes your fully executed contract to the title company, a file will be opened for your...

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The success in staging your home

Whether your home is occupied or vacant, listed with a Realtor or is For Sale by Owner, the benefits of staging it can be tremendous in helping you get your property sold. I was able to do a Q & A with Kate Blount, owner and operator of Kate’s Designs about the...

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Right of First Refusal…..right of what?!

Let’s talk about Right of First Refusal on a property.  It’s not something that you run into every day, but they do exist and can be attached to a property that you are looking to purchase or even sell. A Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is a written agreement that the...

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Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

Who picks the title company for the closing of your transaction? Well, that depends on what type of transaction you are doing. If you are doing a refinance on your current home and you are using the same lender as you currently have your loan with, the lender will...

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Earnest money

So your realtor tells you that you need to make your earnest money check out to the title company. All of a sudden you think ok but what is earnest money? Earnest money basically is like a security deposit that shows you are serious and willing to complete the...

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Today let’s briefly touch on the topic of rollback taxes concerning agricultural property. So, in a previous blog we touched on what an agricultural exemption is. In case you haven’t read that blog yet, the short version of what that exemption is this; it is an...

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Prior surveys and the T-47

Today we’re going to touch on the basics of the use of a prior survey and the T-47 that goes with it. You might be thinking what is a T-47? A T-47 is short for the T-47 Residential Real Estate Affidavit, this is a notarized form that is used with a prior survey when...

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City Lights or Starry Nights

When you purchase your new home and everyone tells you to “be sure and file your homestead exemption” you might be thinking to yourself, what in the world is a homestead. The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that the definition of homestead is ‘the home and adjoining...

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The Big D and we don’t mean Dallas

Let’s talk about the Big D and we don’t mean Dallas. Divorce, it happens once, twice or if your lucky not at all. Before we go any further, please don’t construe anything you read foregoing as legal advice, we are not attorneys, I repeat we are not attorneys. The...

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Foreclosed home in the perfect neighborhood?

When looking for your next home, you might have noticed that there are some foreclosed homes that are in your area. You might have noticed they are in a cheaper price range as well. Let’s go over a few good to know things about foreclosed homes before buying one. When...

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