The seller is a Guardianship?

There are a couple of instances were a guardianship would be required in order to sale a home or a piece of property. This would be if there was a minor child (likely by inheritance) that held an interest in the property that was to be sold or if there is a mental...

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Types of Deeds in Texas

When conveying real property from one party to another, or when conveying an interest in real property, a deed must be executed and filed of record. What is a deed? A deed is a document that establishes legal and equitable title to the real property. There are other...

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What to save and what not to save

Once your closing is done, all the papers have been signed and you’ve been given the keys to your new home, you will also be leaving the title company with your closing packet. What’s in your closing package? In that packet you will find a copy of every document you...

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I got this in the mail…..

When you sell a home, condo or a tract of land and that property had a lien on it that was paid off at the time of closing, the title company will send the lien holder the payoff amount and a document called a Release of Lien.  By the lien holder signing this...

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Property Tax Exemptions

There are several different property exemptions that the property you own may qualify for. Today we’re going to talk about a few of them that are common in this area. Agricultural Exemption: Land designated for agricultural use is appraised at its value based on the...

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Judgments, Child Support and Tax Liens Oh My!!

Our job as a title company is to pass clear title from the seller to the buyer. To do that we perform an in-depth search on the property. We also do a name search on both parties to the transaction to make sure that there are no outstanding liens against them such as...

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I surrender

You purchased the perfect tract of land with the intentions of building your future dream home.  At the time of your closing on this purchase you were issued an Owner policy of title insurance. Fast forward – you are now ready to build your dream home. After talking...

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What do you mean no chickens?!

Let’s talk about property restrictions.  What are property restrictions you might be asking yourself, why should you care about them and what kind of homes have them. Simply put property restrictions or deed restrictions as they are sometimes called, limit what you...

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Five Steps to buying your First Home

There are many reasons why buying your first home are appealing. The idea of being a homeowner and having a permanent home for you and your family, is the most common one. If you’re not familiar with what steps you need to take or how to get started, we would like to...

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