City Lights or Starry Nights

When you purchase your new home and everyone tells you to “be sure and file your homestead exemption” you might be thinking to yourself, what in the world is a homestead. The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that the definition of homestead is ‘the home and adjoining...

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The Big D and we don’t mean Dallas

Let’s talk about the Big D and we don’t mean Dallas. Divorce, it happens once, twice or if your lucky not at all. Before we go any further, please don’t construe anything you read foregoing as legal advice, we are not attorneys, I repeat we are not attorneys. The...

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Foreclosed home in the perfect neighborhood?

When looking for your next home, you might have noticed that there are some foreclosed homes that are in your area. You might have noticed they are in a cheaper price range as well. Let’s go over a few good to know things about foreclosed homes before buying one. When...

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Cyberfraud Awareness

Cyberfraud is on the rise and occurs on a daily basis. It is on the rise so much and so fast it can cover a wide range of criminal activities. It can range from identity theft to terrorist attacks. The one that is most critical and what we are going to talk about...

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The ins and outs of filing documents

Filing a document with the deed records department of the county is something you most likely will never have to do in your lifetime, but in case you do we would like to give you a little heads up on the matter. First things first, the only thing that can be filed of...

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The top three documents you will sign

If you’ve never bought a house before, brace yourself for the amount of paperwork you will be signing. It will seem like a mountain of it and the whole time you might be asking yourself “What is all of this?!” During your closing the escrow officer will explain what...

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The seller is a Guardianship?

There are a couple of instances were a guardianship would be required in order to sale a home or a piece of property. This would be if there was a minor child (likely by inheritance) that held an interest in the property that was to be sold or if there is a mental...

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Types of Deeds in Texas

When conveying real property from one party to another, or when conveying an interest in real property, a deed must be executed and filed of record. What is a deed? A deed is a document that establishes legal and equitable title to the real property. There are other...

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What to save and what not to save

Once your closing is done, all the papers have been signed and you’ve been given the keys to your new home, you will also be leaving the title company with your closing packet. What’s in your closing package? In that packet you will find a copy of every document you...

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